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Once again I have to apologise for the lengthy delay in updating the home page, frankly there is no excuse apart from we have been so busy so far this year that I have simply kept ignoring my ‘To Do’ list with respect to this. I will hold my head down in shame and accept the onslaught. In my defense I have to say even the bike has still only a few miles upon it this year so it’s not as if I have been out enjoying myself – well not much!!.

So I guess you want to know what has been going on so far this year, well you will have noticed that we are no longer a (top) dealer for the Devialet brand. This came about due to the change in structure for the distribution of the product in the UK and since we didn’t fit their profile we were dropped. I wish them well for the future. Devialet have assured us that their products will be continued to be supported via their on line system.

We have been inundated with requests for another Reading show since March since so many people enjoyed the chance to relax and listen to such a wide range of high end products. To this end we are actively looking at something before the end of the year and trying not to clash with other shows albeit most visitors to our shows have commented that they would have preferred to attend our show instead of many others – I guess it being free and somewhat laid back does help, Gavin suggested free beer but I think this may be detrimental to the hearing process especially from the floor!!. I will keep you posted.

As has always been the case, Audio Research still forms a fair percentage of our output and is without doubt the brand that people aspire to own if you are into valves. One thing that we have been amazed by is the new KT150 valve has so much grip that it has made many solid state people think again about valves. Accepted that if you have a pair of speakers that have a killer impedance curve or you like doing structural damage to your property, you may think twice about going this route but you may be on the way to being deaf anyway. We have the Ref 250SE on demo so if you fancy hearing these powerhouses and comparing them to the monoblock Constellations then we will be more than happy to oblige since we have these also. Life is a bitch at times.

Other things that have kept up busy have been very much across the board, thankfully there are so many great bits of kit around at the moment we are very much spoilt for choice and people are finally realizing that buying such well known and respected brands does make sense as loosing your shirt at trade-in time is not entertaining.


I hope you are enjoying the great weather and as I have just booked the bike in for service, I am definitely up for a few blasts soon as long as I can remember all the speed sorry safety camera locations.

Best Regards


In order to provide you with excellent music and musical instruments, Guildford Audio has collaborated with Crowthers of Canterbury. This store is run by professionals and service is second to none - remember to mention Guildford Audio when you talk to them.Visit Crowthers of Canterbury

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Reading 2013Reading Event 2013



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Reading 2013

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Reading 2013


Reading 2013





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