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Well here I am, sitting behind my desk for the first time since our show weekend. All the kit is safely back in the warehouse and quietly cooling down after a few days of torture at our hands. Somehow, it all went very quickly, and as ever, I never got the chance to talk at length to any of you.

I would first of all like to thank all of you who attended the show, many travelling a considerable number of miles to be with us, and your attendance was greatly appreciated by both Gavin and me. From the reaction both at the show and subsequently, it would appear everyone enjoyed the event and we have already started talking about and planning the next one.

It has been gratifying to receive so many kind messages from people who attended the show via email, phone calls and forums all thanking us for the event. In particular, comments have been made about the relaxed atmosphere at the show and the performance of the systems demonstrated. As always, different individuals preferred different systems, but all commented on the high quality of the sounds produced (Gavin’s taste in music excluded of course).

I can assure you that as I sit here, my muscles are reminding me of the physical effort required to move and install such a wide variety of heavy equipment. I think as the years have passed, the effort is taking its toll and it is taking longer to overcome the sheer agony of listening to Gavin’s complaints about my choice in music (only joking Gavin!) but I was always aware of Cilla Black’s limitations when reproduced on a decent audio system (I guess I will pay for this).

I suppose you would all like to know which system most people figured was the best sound at the show. Modesty prevents me from indicating what system it was that received the most positive comments, but what I will say is, that next year I will put a nail through the volume control of one system to limit the potential structural damage to the building.

We have decided to run a separate Harbeth event in late May or early June this year which will be attended by Alan, and more details will be posted soon.

For now I just want to once again thank all of you who attended the show and made it a very enjoyable event for all. We very much appreciate your support and look forward to meeting up again throughout the year.

Best Regards


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