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Yet again it has been a little time since my last scribbling’s so my humble apologies, I keep trying to put time aside to update you all but it never seems to work out that the time is against me. I guess the only way of doing this is to lock myself away for a while and ignore the phones / emails – I wish.

I hope you have been enjoying the recent half decent weather and not let the recent poor showing at the World Cup dampen your spirits, as most of you probably know, I am not much of a football person as motorsport is more my bag but nevertheless I did think we should have gotten a bit further in the competition than we did – still I guess at least we didn’t go round abusing the opposition !!

Suppose I had best get back on track at this point. The Munich High-End show turned out to be quite an adventure thanks to the blessed French air traffic controllers going on strike, I guess the trip back via the railway had some benefits, but I really could have done without the excitement of running about Munich and Paris chasing trains and taxis, I was sure Anneka Rice was going to pop out and join us at any moment, well at least she is better looking than the motley crew I was with although I am not sure I could put up with the rabbiting. Anyway it was a great trip and well worth the effort so if you get the chance to go, for god’s sake go, you will not see a show like it again in the UK.

More recently, our one day show in Reading with Harbeth was great fun and I think from the reaction of many people, an eye opener for what these speakers are capable of. Everyone couldn’t believe the sound from the little P3ESR speakers, we used a pair of Devialet devices and streamed music from a Mac computer with a variety of resolutions. It was totally amazing how many people sat there simply stunned and even Alan himself was somewhat amazed by the results. I must thank everyone that came and needless to say I am already discussing the next event with Harbeth in the not too distant future. Alan’s involvement was just great and for visitors to have the chance to spend time with him in a relaxed environment was welcomed by all. The ‘Plus’ new version of the HL5 proved to be popular and upgrades / sales have started in earnest.

It seems that Wilson have made a speaker yet again to out perform many in the new Sasha II, we are running about like headless chickens trying to keep up with the orders for these and I only wish they weighed half as much as they do as my back is taking a pounding. Maybe they need to make a small (SMALL) bookshelf speaker (David I hope you are listening) and I would get a break. Please !!

Just for now I will leave it there but needless to say the amount of Devialets leaving my hands must be an indication of what the future holds for quality audio systems, odd when you think that the size of the speakers would suggest that large isn’t really a problem.

Best Regards




In order to provide you with excellent music and musical instruments, Guildford Audio has collaborated with Crowthers of Canterbury. This store is run by professionals and service is second to none - remember to mention Guildford Audio when you talk to them.Visit Crowthers of Canterbury

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